40 Weeks Married!

This week, for the majority of the week, Cindy was off on a road trip with her mom to Arizona to throw a bridal shower for one of Cindy's best friends. This was probably the first time where it was just Cindy and her mom off on a long road trip together. The trip was... Continue Reading →

39 Weeks Married!

(clearly Jake knows how to take pics from the best angles) This past week was the 4th of July!! Somehow, this holiday has become our holiday. We don't know how it happened, but the 4th of July has always been special to us. It could be because this was the first major holiday we spent... Continue Reading →

38 Weeks Married!

WE WENT BOWLING THREE TIMES THIS WEEK!!! And we both Turkey'd! We've decided to join a bowling league now. Just kidding. Cindy has taken up a couple of new hobbies recently (besides bowling). One of them is a workout class called CoreBooty works. That class really does work your core and booty. She's been going... Continue Reading →

37 Weeks Married!

(picture is from our Murder Mystery party! read more about it below) We have been having so much fun this summer! Jake gets off work earlier (because of his part time schedule), so we have so much time to hang out together during the week! Here's a snapshot of some of the things we did this... Continue Reading →

36 Weeks Married!

Highlights of Week 36 1.  Cindy finally changed her name!!!!! This was a tough decision for her to make. After thinking about it for 8 months, she finally made the decision to change it! The process was a lot quicker and smoother than she thought it would be. And Jake is super happy. He secretly... Continue Reading →

35 Weeks Married!

(Cindy started summer vacation this past week! She's really happy to be on summer vacation.) We have 3 highlights to share this week: Saturday was so easy-going and relaxing. We slept in, ate breakfast, and went for a bike ride to the beach. It was so warm and sunny-- the perfect day. At the beach,... Continue Reading →

34 Weeks Married!

It's so crazy to think that this time last year we were deciding on centerpieces. Time is really flying by! On an unrelated note, we're not typically ones to typecast ourselves nor other people according to set personality types because we believe people are more nuanced than that. That being said, we can't help but... Continue Reading →

33 Weeks Married!

(no major plans for us this Memorial Day long weekend....just hanging around and relaxing) Things we did this week: slept a full 8 hours all week (why haven't we been doing this before?! we both feel so much more energetic and productive) tried to drink more water ran to the movies to watch a movie... Continue Reading →

32 Weeks Married!

The theme of this week: catching up on stuff Stuff we caught up on... SLEEP! To give an idea of how tired we've been (or really... how tired Cindy's been)... on Thursday, Cindy took a 4 hour nap and also went to bed early. This weekend, we made sure to get a full 8 hours... Continue Reading →

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