49 Weeks Married!

What a busy eventful week we've had! Here are the highlights of each day: Monday: We had dinner and a game night with Cindy's sister and her sister's boyfriend. We all stayed up a little later than we should have, but we had a fun time. The game we played is called The Wizard Always... Continue Reading →

48 Weeks Married!

(that's a block of cheese in the picture) The highlight and lowlight of this week was upgrading our phones. Here's a sweet and short version of the whole story: While we were at the mall with Cindy's mom, Jake decided to casually check out the deals at the Verizon retail store. We left the store,... Continue Reading →

47 Weeks Married!

(Just before this picture was taken, Jake let four flies into the house. Understandably, Cindy was not happy about that) Below is a summary of our week in pictures... Cindy set the new high score for bowling!! Then the day after Jake reset the new high score. Her glory was short lived. We accidentally spent... Continue Reading →

46 Weeks Married!

(that's us in our Sunday best) The theme of this week: BOWLING! (lots and lots of bowling) Our summer bowling passes expire at the end of next week, so we've gone bowling almost every day this week to get every last use in. We've gone so much that one of the staff knows both our... Continue Reading →

45 Weeks Married!

The start of this past week seems like forever ago! Cindy started her 4th year of teaching on Wednesday!! (thus ending "24/7" Life). We spent the last day of her summer vacation at the beach (of course) with Jake's family. Jake had a lot of fun body surfing the waves while Cindy spent the majority... Continue Reading →

44 Weeks Married!

This is our last week of "24/7 Life"! Cindy starts work this upcoming Wednesday. Things we did this past week: nothing (for the first half of the week). bowling & dinner with our friends, who are leaving to be missionaries in Kenya. (they left today!) rode bikes to the beach and a had beach day... Continue Reading →

Road Trip Week!

(polaroid films are just like life. there are no retakes.) We got back from our "Presidential Road Trip" (Los Angeles to Mount Rushmore) on Friday and man are we glad to be home! We had such a blast on our trip, but were starting to miss hot showers, real beds, and non-dehydrated food near the... Continue Reading →

42 Weeks Married!

We're on our "Presidential Road Trip"! (from LA to Mount Rushmore) We're both having so much fun and will share more when we're back!!

41 Weeks Married!

"24/7 Life" We call this week the first week of 24/7 life because, since Jake quit his job, we've been  spending almost 24/7 together. So far, 24/7 life has been both the best ever and also pretty ordinary.  We went bowling in the middle of the day and it was a little awkward since literally... Continue Reading →

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