1 Year and 5 Weeks Married!

This past week has been characterized by the tragedies that hit close to home (in Jake's hometown) with the Borderline shooting and the SoCal fires. We are so grateful and blessed that our friends and family are safe, but there are so many who suffered so much. We continue to pray for that community. (this... Continue Reading →

1 Year and 4 Weeks Married!

four major highlights this week... Halloween. We had a very low-key Halloween. Cindy's friend came over and we stayed in decorating the Trader Joe's Haunted Cookie House while watching Halloween movies. We're not fans of scary movies, so by Halloween movies we're talking Gnome Alone. It was a cozy, comfortable, and fun night! Next year,... Continue Reading →

1 Year and 3 Weeks Married!

(us in our comfy pjs) We've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. As a result, we've been forgoing exercise and have been eating out as well as eating frozen dinners more. We were feeling very sluggish and uncomfortable, so this week's motto has been "Diet Starts Today" lol. We've managed to get short run in... Continue Reading →

1 Year and 2 Weeks Married!

CINDY'S BEST FRIEND GOT MARRIED!!!! ...and Cindy was the matron of honor! Cindy's best friend was the maid of honor in our wedding last year. So it has been special to go through this life stage together.   The wedding was in Flagstaff, AZ so it was quite a bit of a journey to get... Continue Reading →

1 Year and 1 Week Married!

We decorated for Halloween! Highlights of the Week For Cindy: She had a Bob Ross paint night with some friends. The experience was very exciting. But Cindy admits she was [a little] disappointed that her painting did not quiiitteeee look like Bob Ross's example. But it was still a unique and fun time with friends!... Continue Reading →

1 Year Married!

Happy anniversary to us!!! Since our anniversary fell on a Monday, we decided to have a two-part celebration (part 1 on the weekend and part 2 on the actual day of). Part 1 Jake planned part 1 of our anniversary celebration as a surprise. Saturday morning, we woke up at 3:30 am (at the literal... Continue Reading →

51 Weeks Married!

The biggest highlight of this week was..... ....Jake officially starting his PhD program in Economics at UCLA!!!! He started school on Thursday, and even though he's only had 2 days of class so far, there already is a lot of content. But he's excited! For the first time, he feels challenged! Jake has also been... Continue Reading →

50 Weeks Married!

We're so close to our one year anniversary! We are so excited! At our wedding, we had our friends and family write us messages to read on our one year and five year anniversary. They stuck those messages in a bottle and now those bottles are sitting on our TV stand, waiting to be opened... Continue Reading →

49 Weeks Married!

What a busy eventful week we've had! Here are the highlights of each day: Monday: We had dinner and a game night with Cindy's sister and her sister's boyfriend. We all stayed up a little later than we should have, but we had a fun time. The game we played is called The Wizard Always... Continue Reading →

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