3 Weeks Married!

This week has been emotionally tough. On Monday, we attended Jake's grandmother's funeral. She passed away a couple of days before our wedding. She helped watch Jake a lot when he and his brothers were young, so Jake has a lot of fond childhood memories of her. (he misses her) Her funeral service was touching... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks Married!

Technically, we're only 1 week and 1 day married here... but we got the idea for this journal later and don't have any polaroid pictures from week 2 besides this one. (so this'll do!) We're both LOVING married life, but it sure has been off to a super CRAZY BUSY start. This week, Jake's been... Continue Reading →

1 Week Married!

 1 week married here! Both of us were back to work on Tuesday-- we only took Monday off.  For Cindy, this week was rough. She had the post-wedding blues (we both looked it up to see if this is even a real thing and apparently it is... why did no one ever tell us about... Continue Reading →


Not exactly a polaroid picture, but we forgot to take one that day. So instead, we have our photobooth picture! This day was truly the most amazing day ever! It went by so so fast, but it definitely was not a blur! We both remember everything-- like everything! Jake's favorite moment was all the dancing--... Continue Reading →

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