3 Weeks Married!

We did mention on the “About” page that we aren’t very good at the photography…let this be Exhibit A. This week has been emotionally tough. On Monday, we attended Jake’s grandmother’s funeral. She passed away a couple of days before our wedding. She helped watch Jake a lot when he and his brothers were young, so Jake has a lot of fond childhood memories of her. (he misses her) Her funeral service was touching and the entire day truly felt like a beautiful way to honor her. Then, on Friday, Cindy attended the memorial service of one of her student’s parents. The mom’s passing came so suddenly and as such a shock. The service was also beautiful and it honored a life that was lost too soon. Despite the emotional heaviness of this week, we did have some first time “marriage moments” too. We had our first brunch&game afternoon as a married couple! (with another married couple and their super cute 2 year old daughter) Jake, the cook, made delicious omelets for everyone. And Cindy, the organized one, made the apartment look Pinterest-cute and homey.

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