12 Weeks Married!

What a week it's been!! We spent Christmas Day and the day after with Jake's family. With so many boys in the house, it's always so lively and active! We ate lots of food (lobster tail, scalloped potatoes, and tri-tip!) And we played a lot of games-- Munchkins, Galaga, Battle Front 2, the Resistance. And... Continue Reading →

11 Weeks Married!

(you can't tell... but there are Christmas lights in the background of the picture...) Our first holiday season as a married couple! SUPER EXCITING! We're splitting up our time with each set of parents, so we get a chance to see everyone. This past weekend, we went to celebrate Christmas early with Cindy's family. Her... Continue Reading →

10 Weeks Married!

(in this picture, Cindy is angry because Jake had just stepped on the freshly washed bath rug with his dirty dress shoes) Anyways....the big news of this week is....WE COMBINED OUR BANK ACCOUNTS!! Its so nice to see those six digit numbers. JK. We definitely don't have six digit numbers. What is nice is our... Continue Reading →

9 Weeks Married!

We're 2 months married and it was Jake's birthday! Here's a picture of us in our party hats and with our guinea babies. Jake's birthday began with lox for breakfast, continued with Star Wars Battlefront 2 for half the day, and ended with a poker night, El Pollo Loco, and ice cream cake! (we both... Continue Reading →

8 Weeks Married!

The highlight of this week is definitely the 5K race we did today (Sunday) with Jake's brother, Ben. We were originally going to sign up for the 10K race, so we could say we did the U.S.A's Toughest 10K with a 3500 foot altitude climb. But...good thing we didn't...considering we were out of breath for... Continue Reading →

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