20 Weeks Married!

We're at the 11 mile marker in our half marathon training. And the jump from 9 to 11 miles is apparently hard for us. Last week, Cindy couldn't finish the run and we had to call an Uber back at mile 8. This week, it was Jake who couldn't finish the run and we had... Continue Reading →

19 Weeks Married!

We decided to go with two pictures this week! (during cage cleaning and after cage cleaning) These guineas are a lot of work for pets who don't love you back. This week can be summed up with the Winter Olympics (and a lot of happy crying) and a Jurassic Park marathon (the 3 OG ones).... Continue Reading →

18 Weeks Married!

(pictured: us on our early Valentines Day date) The highlight of our week was when Jake climbed a 25-30 foot rock. The lowlight of our week was when Jake realized he couldn't get back down. Luckily, a nice bystander helped Jake find good footholds to get down safely. (but actually... the true highlight of our... Continue Reading →

17 Weeks Married!

Our 17th week of marriage: Monday: We ran 7 miles...easily <--not to brag or anything but we're pretty proud of ourselves. Tuesday: Cindy made some bomb.com kebabs. Wednesday: Jake played Lord of the Rings Shadow of War...basically all night. Thursday: We caught up on chores and worked on our own little side projects together till... Continue Reading →

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