19 Weeks Married!

We decided to go with two pictures this week! (during cage cleaning and after cage cleaning) These guineas are a lot of work for pets who don't love you back. This week can be summed up with the Winter Olympics (and a lot of happy crying) and a Jurassic Park marathon (the 3 OG ones).... Continue Reading →

18 Weeks Married!

(pictured: us on our early Valentines Day date) The highlight of our week was when Jake climbed a 25-30 foot rock. The lowlight of our week was when Jake realized he couldn't get back down. Luckily, a nice bystander helped Jake find good footholds to get down safely. (but actually... the true highlight of our... Continue Reading →

17 Weeks Married!

Our 17th week of marriage: Monday: We ran 7 miles...easily <--not to brag or anything but we're pretty proud of ourselves. Tuesday: Cindy made some bomb.com kebabs. Wednesday: Jake played Lord of the Rings Shadow of War...basically all night. Thursday: We caught up on chores and worked on our own little side projects together till... Continue Reading →


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