29 Weeks Married!

Highlights of our week: 1. Avengers Infinity War. Probably one of the only superhero movies where Cindy didn't fall asleep during the battle scenes. 2. Saturday bike ride to the beach. Considering how much we love the beach, we feel so lucky to be able to live so close to one. We sat on the... Continue Reading →

28 Weeks Married!

(a little bit of a late post!) Moving and fighting...that's the theme of our 28th week. We're finally all moved in though! The guinea pigs were the last "things" we had to move. We were both not looking forward to it because it was such an ordeal. We had to put the guinea pigs in... Continue Reading →

27 Weeks Married!

We have been moving all week! It was fun at first, but now we're SO OVER IT. We want all the new furniture to magically assemble itself. We want all the old furniture to magically sell itself. And we want both our personalities to magically morph into one mega personality so we can stop being... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Week!

(26 weeks married...6 months!) Hi everyone! We're back from our honeymoon! And we must say...we're bummed that it's over and it's back to the normal grind (well... maybe just Cindy is bummed...Jake tends to enjoy vacations and the normal grind equally) Our honeymoon to Mo'orea was definitely one of the most exotic, beautiful, dreamy, adventurous... Continue Reading →

25 Weeks Married!

We're in our overwater bungalow in Mo'orea on our honeymoon!!!!!! (pictures and video when we return) For now...we're just gonna enjoy our time together. Also, Happy Easter everyone! Christ is risen!

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