19 Weeks Married!

We decided to go with two pictures this week! (during cage cleaning and after cage cleaning) These guineas are a lot of work for pets who don't love you back. This week can be summed up with the Winter Olympics (and a lot of happy crying) and a Jurassic Park marathon (the 3 OG ones).... Continue Reading →

18 Weeks Married!

(pictured: us on our early Valentines Day date) The highlight of our week was when Jake climbed a 25-30 foot rock. The lowlight of our week was when Jake realized he couldn't get back down. Luckily, a nice bystander helped Jake find good footholds to get down safely. (but actually... the true highlight of our... Continue Reading →

17 Weeks Married!

Our 17th week of marriage: Monday: We ran 7 miles...easily <--not to brag or anything but we're pretty proud of ourselves. Tuesday: Cindy made some bomb.com kebabs. Wednesday: Jake played Lord of the Rings Shadow of War...basically all night. Thursday: We caught up on chores and worked on our own little side projects together till... Continue Reading →

16 Weeks Married!

It's been a LOTR kind of week! We're slowly watching all the movies. And Jake's slowly making his way through the LOTR Shadow of War game. Anyways...we became members of our church this Sunday! We have both grown so much in our faith over the past several months. At the beginning of this month, we... Continue Reading →

15 Weeks Married!

Nothing really happened this week. Cindy thought she had pink eye. And we spent $13 at Playland Arcade (at the Santa Monica pier) playing the Luigi ghost game.

14 Weeks Married!

We're both back at work. Yay... Our week started off with a bit of stress. Jake got a nice offer from a company he had applied to. So, the beginning of our week was weighing all the pros and cons and deciding whether or not he should stay with his current company or leave. This... Continue Reading →

13 Weeks Married!

Happy New Year!! We were in Hawaii this past week on our mini-moon or honeymoon part 1. We had so much fun, we miss Hawaii already!! Our favorite day was the day we went to the North Shore. That day, we saw a sea turtle at Laniakea Beach, went cliff jumping at Waimea Bay, and... Continue Reading →

12 Weeks Married!

What a week it's been!! We spent Christmas Day and the day after with Jake's family. With so many boys in the house, it's always so lively and active! We ate lots of food (lobster tail, scalloped potatoes, and tri-tip!) And we played a lot of games-- Munchkins, Galaga, Battle Front 2, the Resistance. And... Continue Reading →

11 Weeks Married!

(you can't tell... but there are Christmas lights in the background of the picture...) Our first holiday season as a married couple! SUPER EXCITING! We're splitting up our time with each set of parents, so we get a chance to see everyone. This past weekend, we went to celebrate Christmas early with Cindy's family. Her... Continue Reading →


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