35 Weeks Married!

(Cindy started summer vacation this past week! She's really happy to be on summer vacation.) We have 3 highlights to share this week: Saturday was so easy-going and relaxing. We slept in, ate breakfast, and went for a bike ride to the beach. It was so warm and sunny-- the perfect day. At the beach,... Continue Reading →

34 Weeks Married!

It's so crazy to think that this time last year we were deciding on centerpieces. Time is really flying by! On an unrelated note, we're not typically ones to typecast ourselves nor other people according to set personality types because we believe people are more nuanced than that. That being said, we can't help but... Continue Reading →

33 Weeks Married!

(no major plans for us this Memorial Day long weekend....just hanging around and relaxing) Things we did this week: slept a full 8 hours all week (why haven't we been doing this before?! we both feel so much more energetic and productive) tried to drink more water ran to the movies to watch a movie... Continue Reading →

32 Weeks Married!

The theme of this week: catching up on stuff Stuff we caught up on... SLEEP! To give an idea of how tired we've been (or really... how tired Cindy's been)... on Thursday, Cindy took a 4 hour nap and also went to bed early. This weekend, we made sure to get a full 8 hours... Continue Reading →

31 Weeks Married!

(that's us doing a candid laughing pose) This past weekend we drove a total of approximately 432 miles. We didn't even leave the state, let alone southern California! We're pretty tired and are both looking forward to some rest this next weekend. Friday, we went to Jake's brother's graduation. He finished college in 3 years... Continue Reading →

30 Weeks Married!

(we went backpacking this weekend! more on that, along with pictures, at the bottom of the page) This past week has been quite the social one! We had friends and family over almost every other day this week! Sunday, we had Jake's parents and youngest brother over for dinner. Cindy cooked MaPo Tofu for everyone.... Continue Reading →

29 Weeks Married!

Highlights of our week: 1. Avengers Infinity War. Probably one of the only superhero movies where Cindy didn't fall asleep during the battle scenes. 2. Saturday bike ride to the beach. Considering how much we love the beach, we feel so lucky to be able to live so close to one. We sat on the... Continue Reading →

28 Weeks Married!

(a little bit of a late post!) Moving and fighting...that's the theme of our 28th week. We're finally all moved in though! The guinea pigs were the last "things" we had to move. We were both not looking forward to it because it was such an ordeal. We had to put the guinea pigs in... Continue Reading →

27 Weeks Married!

We have been moving all week! It was fun at first, but now we're SO OVER IT. We want all the new furniture to magically assemble itself. We want all the old furniture to magically sell itself. And we want both our personalities to magically morph into one mega personality so we can stop being... Continue Reading →

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